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Jaipur To Jaisalmer Day Tour

May 7, 2021

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Patwon Ki Haveli. It is an intriguing piece of engineering and is the most significant, among the Havelis in Jaisalmer. This is on the grounds that it was the first Havelis at any point worked in Jaisalmer. You can track down a decent measure of artistic creations and the mirror deals with its dividers and the other significant angles are entryways and curves.

Jaipur To Jaisalmer Day Tour

The following fascinating fascination is the Jaisalmer Fort, otherwise called the desert fortress. They say, from 50 km. away, guests see a transparent brilliant precipice, rising almost 25 stories from the desert floor. The dividers, of rich yellow sandstone sparkle like an illusion. Okay, how about we take a quick trip and see with our own eyes.

We figured it is ideal to end the day with an enthusiastic vibe. Subsequently, we have picked the Indo-Pak boundary to be your last objective around there. Indeed, this spot is about inclination. You can likewise meet a portion of the courageous troopers at the boundary who monitor our country.



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